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CIMG1322 Jake scoring some blow CIMG1323 this might have been the point where i just go insane CIMG1324 Somethin's going down CIMG1325 That's where coco bit me CIMG1326 Scott's trying to get in some workout time CIMG1328 OH MAN CIMG1329 Letter opener always wins vs samurai sword CIMG1333 yup just hanging out by the column in sketchy russian place CIMG1335 Slav and i were discussing Economics CIMG1336 I don't remember things at this point, but at least we were having fun! CIMG1345 ladies please! CIMG1347 Scott just downed half a bottle of Grey Goose CIMG1348 hmm Summer 001 YARR Pirate time Summer 002 It was a costume party, but ally and i didn't have time to change after the match that we won Summer 003 the champs, but you can't see the trophy we won
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