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CIMG1368 Yarr CIMG1370 CIMG1384 CIMG1387 Jake, Me, and Blake CIMG1396 Who you talkin' to hollywood?
CIMG1409 Bay Bridge CIMG1451 CIMG1468 CIMG1472 These guys were pretty trashed CIMG1484 Bay Bridge from below CIMG1485 catchin' some rays CIMG1502 planning our next raid CIMG1509 'ol glory CIMG1527 swimming in the nettle net (to keep the jellyfish out) It was like an underwater hammock CIMG1532 'yakin' CIMG1535 nice Summer 018 getting ready for the sail Summer 019 whos that guy? Summer 025 Captain Jake Summer 027 Mr. Baker didn't want to get sunburned Summer 030 Jake's Heir to the bay Summer 031 Summer 036 Summer 037 Francis Scott Key Kidder, decendent of Francis Scott Key who wrote the Star Spangled Banner
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