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Downloads Section

Main Downloads

DC++, which is a file sharing platform, is the answer to the loss of Kazaa, Limewire, etc at Hobart, because nothing else will work there. It is, at the moment, completely safe and you can't get in trouble for it, so you might as well download it and try it out. If it is your first time using it, you will need to follow the directions below.

For directions concerning DC++, go here

Rotation Placeholder

To download OurTunes, go here, but know that you will probably need the Java Resource files, so if it does not work right away, you need to download them here

Other Downloads

Plane is a fun addictive game where you try to avoid the asteroids. It's small (27k) and written in some strange oriental language. Regardless try it out and see what you think.


If requested, I can make the DC++ document online, instead of a .doc file. Leave a message and let me know.