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Motorola Q Downloads

I thought i'd put a few of my favorite Q applications in one spot to make it easier for some people to just grab them from the same place. There really is no rhyme or reason; they are just some one's that i have found useful over time. Hopefully there are some good ones here that you'll enjoy too! Any questions, you can leave a note here.

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The downloads:

Agile Messenger - My favorite messaging program. It does pretty much anything you could ever want from a messaging program. I haven't had any problems with it on my Q, but some people have reported stability issues.

Audacity(Windows)- This is what i use to make my ringtones. It's open source, so it's free, and really simple to use. Drag and drop, intuitive, and free!

CityTime Alarm - Very reliable alarm program. You can set it so that the alarm will go off regardless of whether or not you have the phone on silent, an attribute that is very valuable for the 'just in case' scenario. It is very customizable, and i highly recommend it.

DialPad Graphic Changer - This changes the default Verizon graphic when you're dialing to one that you might find on a standard cell phone. This way you can figure out what buttons you press when you're dialing a number like 1-800-VERIZON

Kevtris - Kevtris is a free Tetris clone that is very addictive. You can play around with some settings within, but really not much can go wrong with Tetris! There is an update coming soon that will apply to the Q's letterbox screen, so as of now there will just be blank space on the side of the playing space.

SmartSS - This is the program i used to make screen shots. You have to register it if you want the watermark to go away that it places on all the pictures you take. It's useful if you want to take screenshots, but that's all it does.

Smoresoft Sudoku - Sudoku for you addicts! Always worth having another game on your Q!

Toggleview - This is another hack that makes it so your Start menu is in list form as opposed to the larger default icons. I used it for a while and have changed back to the default, but some people like it so to each his own!

TCPMP - The best movie player i've found for the Q. It's very responsive, great fast forward/rewind features, and extremely customizable.